Calmwater Bay

A small town on the eastern coast of North Daelropa. It lies on a less used trade route going to the Northern Federation. 

Population: 1500

Calmwater Bay was founded around the old ruins of a Dragon Wars Era fort around 500 years ago. Never a place of prominence it mostly grew as a result of travelers looking for rest on a long trade route and enjoying the relative protection of the few remaining walls of the ruined fort. Eventually the town grew into the neighbouring island where docks were built to ship me chart goods North over the water. 

As time grew on a faster more lucrative route was discovered for most merchandise and in the last 20 years the the town began to decline. Currently still on the trade route but less often and mostly to use the port to ship North. 


The population of Calmwater Bay sits at around 1500 within the city. There are several small villages and hamlets near by. Sitting in northeastern Daelropa the population is majority humans. With a stable population of other races.

Humans: 1100

Wood-Elves: 150

Halflings: 75

Dwarves: 50

High-Elves: 30

Dragonborn: 25

Other: 80

There are 4 active Noble Houses in Calmwater Bay, Thornhall, Eastguard, De Consen, and Pascher. There was a fifth Noble house, Van Kroute, but they lost standing with the decline of the trade route and left town. 


Calmwater Bay is under the control of 

Calmwater Bay

Calmwater Bay Mattos